Friday, January 27, 2012

Love works, criticism is lazy.

Love is the thing that motivates the heart of God toward us. That love is executed through the church. So when mistakes are made, the proper way to handle it, is in love. When we fall God responds in love, when other's don't live up to our (unfair) expectations, love will change the entire dynamic.

Any other motivation is slap in the grace of God. (including getting your opinion heard and being right) Jesus was right but He didn't allow that to get in the way of redemption. He denied His "rights" to appeal, His "rights" to be heard, His "right" to be respected; to esteem others.

If that attribute is being reflected in you, consider yourself the 10% of the church that get's it.

-These and other truths brought to you by. . . the Bible, now in Technicolor!

the Devil is in the generalities and the details...

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